10 heavenly hostas

Frances Williams
Hadspen Blue
Sum and Substance

I love hostas. They look fantastic in the garden. But they also look terrific in containers. I grow too many of them. Scattered all over the garden. But I love seeing them displayed on their own as single specimens in a nice container. Blues are my favourite. I love Hadspen Blue and Halcyon, Krossa Regal and Elegans.

I also have a soft spot for yellow-leaf hostas, especially Sum and Substance.

When I started gardening, my first hosta was the common green and white variegated Fortunei.

It wasn’t long before I fell for more creamy blue-green variegated ones like Frances Williams, but I have also succumbed to striking variegated varieties such as June and Patriot.

I'm a sucker too for hostas with beautiful white fragrant flowers, such as Hosta plantaginea, and ones with thick crinkly leaves like Elegans.

I have not kept up on hostas as much as I should have. It is really a fabulous plant group and I think I ought to find room for many new kinds.

If you're excited about them, too, you should take a trip out to  Pam Erikson’s Daylilly Garden at 24642 51 Ave, Langley. Pam specialized in growing daylilies (hemerocallis) but she also has built a vast hosta collection and now sells some of the best and most unusual varieties as well as the newest and most cutting-edge cultivars like the  mighty Empress Wu and Abiqua Drinking Gourd and the “mouse ears” series - ‘Blue Mouse Ears’, ‘Frosted Mouse Ears’, ‘Holy Mouse Ears', ‘Cat and Mouse’ and ‘Mighty Mouse’. 


Mouse Ears
Krossa Regal
Frances Williams
First Frost


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