Villa d’Este: The world’s greatest water garden


My first visit to Villa d’Este was a long journey. Loraine and I took the train from Rome and then a bus for the final few miles up to Trivoli, the hill town where the garden is located. It took about two hours to get there, as I remember it, because of waits for the train and buses.

The next time, we went was when we were leading a cruise-based tour out of Rome. This time, we had a bus take us directly to Tivoli, which was much faster.

I have since taken one more tour group there and feel I have seen the garden at its best both in the spring and fall. It is still certainly one of my most favourite gardens, not just for the spectacular water features, but also for the villa itself and the surrounding countryside and the town of Tivoli, which I have come to like very much.

This little video was a few years ago. It still conveys some of the beauty and charm of the garden.

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