South Africa garden tour begins in Cape Town


Sept 8 – Today, I am in South Africa to lead an exciting 14 day garden tour out of Cape Town with visits to Namaqualand, the Western Cape and Stellenbosch wine areas along the famous “Garden Route” followed by a game drive to see Africa’s big five at Kruger National Park.

Steve Whysall at Windsor Castle on route to South Africa.

Since the journey to Cape Town from Vancouver is quite long, we decided to break the trip by stopping to catch our breath in London before continuing.

From our overnight hotel at Heathrow, we had a wonderful night in The Plough pub and also a fun day out to the royal city of Windsor where we enjoyed tea and cucumber sandwiches while looking at the famous castle.

With some of the group travelling with me to South Africa at The Plough pub for a night of beer and pub grub

If we hadn’t stopped for a night in London, we would have faced a 10-hour flight from Vancouver followed by another 11-hour flight to Cape Town – too punishing for most people.

In Cape Town, we checked into our favourite hotel, The Vineyard, and the next day spent a lovely morning wandering around the Waterfront district.

Musicians playing at the Waterfront in Cape Town.

The weather was not ideal when we arrived. Clouds obscured Table Mountain, so we have decided to wait until the clouds blow away and the weather is perfect before trying to go to the top of the mountain.

With Ted Price and Maureen Adams and Cathy Henderson at restaurant patio on Cape Town’s waterfront.

While in Cape Town, we will visit the Cape of Good Hope as well as the fabulous Kirstenbosch garden. We will also be seeing other key sites around the city before leaving to head north to Namaqualand.

Barbara Ebelt enjoying cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches and tea in Windsor
Flower pillar outside Windsor Castle
Courtyard garden with clivia at our hotel, The Vineyard, in Cape Town
Steve Whysall with Ray Chow at the Breakwater wall in Cape Town.
Ted Price and Maureen Adams on the ferris wheel at Cape Town waterfront.
Protea, the national flower of South Africa, in hotel arrangement.
Golden seal on waterfront in Cape Town.



  1. Hi, Steve and Loraine —
    You might want to tell the group that Vancouver is into its 2nd day of rain and the temperature has dropped to 16C — almost half what it was just before you all left. Love to the giant tortoise some of us will remember following around the Vineyard’s garden in 2012. Best wishes to you all for a great trip!

  2. Oh I am so glad your “retirement” didn’t include phasing out of posting on your trips!! Love seeing all the places and faces enjoying the spectacular tours you put together.


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