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July 9, 2017

Today, I am happy to announce the launch of my next garden tour – an exclusive 14-day trip to India in February with the option of a six-day add-on to explore the spectacular Kochi backwaters.

This is the most exotic, colourful and spicy destination we have ever visited.

In the past, we have taken tours to China, Japan, South Africa, Morocco, Myanmar and Brazil as well as many key European destinations including England, France, Holland, Italy, Spain and Belgium.

The dates for the India tour are Feb. 14 to 27 with the additional six day excursion to the Kochi region from Feb. 27 to March 4.


The main tour begins in Delhi and includes visits to Chandigarh, Agra, Bharatpur, Jaipur and Udaipur.

To avoid long bus or train rides and because I think it is important that we see as much of India as possible, I have asked for a couple of domestic internal flights to make travel times easier, more comfortable and more relaxing.

This did mean an added expense, but I weighed up all the options and believe this is the best and most attractive plan.


From the outset, I have focused very seriously on how to create a luxury tour that delivers a safe, secure and happy adventure without exposure to foods or circumstances that are likely to disturb your stomach or upset your spirit. We are cheerful tourists, after all.


With this in mind, I have chosen four- and five-star hotels in great locations and destinations and sourced activities that will offer you an excellent experience of India, its culture, foods, traditions, history and heritage. All meals on the trip will be included.

Rickshaw rides in Dehli

As always, gardens will be the essential linking factor. We’ll explore the tradition of Mogul gardens, exotic, iconic, often unique landscapes, that not only influenced the evolution of the Paradise Garden in the Middle East but also many of the great gardens of Europe and Asia.

India is a long way away from Canada but we can journey in safety and comfort together to see some of the best that it has to offer.

Rajasthan bird sanctuary

This is the only way for most of us to do this kind of trip – in a group of like-minded friends with similar tastes and expectations.

Anyway, please look closely at the complete itinerary below. India is a vast country. I have focused on an area that gives us the biggest bang for our buck and one that I think you will enjoy the most.

Kochi backwater

There is also the option here to sign on for an exotic boat trip in India’s famous Kochi backwaters region.

This is a very desirable excursion that is very much sought after by people who know India well.

Take time looking at the details of both the main tour and the add-on excursion.


Your next step is to reserve your place on the tour by calling Lyle Truden at Flight Centre. Contact info. Office: 604-684-7951. Email:

If Loraine or I can be of any help in answering questions or giving you re-assurances, please don’t hesitate to email. or


Prices: $7,695 per person for double occupancy; $9,935 for single occupancy.

Main tour domestic flights: $955 per person.


Add-on tour: $2,140 per person double occupancy; $2,985 single occupancy.

Add-on tour flights $299 per person.




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