Quirky garden ideas outside the box


    Just to get those creative juices flowing as you step into the garden this spring and think, hey, what can I do that is new and fun and different.

    Here are a few silly, serious, fun and quirky ideas to make you think outside the box.

    Cup of alliums. Okay, too late to plant alliums, but how about a big jug of gladiolias or delpiniums. How about a big watering can full of blue grass.

    Cup or jug of alliums but could be delphiniums or gladioli

    Salad slide. Yes, you may have some old kids’ playground stuff around. You can do a Slide Salad (see below)

    Slide Salad. Put lettuce to work on that old swing set

    Get into the swing of growing vegetables. Yes, put some cabbages or lettuce bins on a swing set that is no longer in use.

    Get into the swing of growing vegetables on an old swing set

    How about a fairy garden for kids. Turn a corner of your garden into a fun place for kids to play.

    Fairy garden for children to play and show a little imagination

    Beast of a patio. Who knows who you have coming this summer. But make your patio inviting enough that even the most beastly guests will relax and feel completely at ease.

    You don’t know what beasts are going to be on your patio this summer

    Bed of lavender. Hey, you don’t have to throw that old bed out. Just turn it into a garden ornament like this beautiful mixed bed of lavender.

    How about this lovely bed of lavender. You could do a bed of thyme, too.

    Wild wall of strawberries. Yes, it is possible. Do an entire wall of strawberry plants. You need sun and good drainage.

    How about a wall of strawberries. Mmm, sweet treat for summer

    Moss rock garden. Create your own stylish moss garden by painting some boulders with a mix of buttermilk/yogurt.

    Moss garden. Just paint the boulders with yogurt

    Cushion garden. Well, there are more cushions here than plants, so I think of it as a cushion garden. Nice though, isn’t it. Very inviting.

    Cushion garden, more cushion than plants, but, hey, it looks great

    Climbing the wall. How about a wall of plant holders for a fun mix of colours and stylish plants.

    Climb the wall with containers








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