How to put the focus on all that is beautiful in your garden

Clipping a hole in a hedge to frame a view is one of the easiest ways to add drama and interest to a garden.
English writer Vita Sackville West had a gift for creating these artistic, focused views in her famous Sissinghurst garden in Kent.
She often placed a bench or statue in a key position where it would be elegantly framed by an inviting doorway, crisply sheared hedge or avenue of lime trees.
Lawrence Johnston did the same thing at Hidcote Manor in Gloucestershire, adding a lot of interest and intrigue to the design of his garden.
And many other top garden-makers have used this simple technique of framing scenes and objects to create charming glimpse-views and picturesque vistas.
At Hampton Court, for example, an innovative gardener made a major improvement by simply clipping a square hole in a hedge to open up a lovely window view of the house and garden beyond.
Without the opening, visitors would see nothing but the hedge. But when the opening was added, the beauty of everything captured in the simple frame ended up being heightened and accentuated. The garden was instantly more engaging and enjoyable.
Here’s a look at a some other examples of nicely framed views and vistas in world-class gardens.



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