Do you have a plant sale coming up? Let me know.


Is your garden club having a plant sale this spring? Tell me about it and I am more than happy to provide a free forum here for your listing.

The idea came to do this when I got an email from Jocelyn Wade, of Park and Tilford Garden, asking me if I was still compiling spring plant sale lists and suggesting that it would be a neat feature to have on this website.

Plant sales: Great places to find bargains and unusual specimens

I said I would float the idea and see if anyone was interested.

So, if you would like to see your plant sale listed here, please send along details to me at the email address below.

To make it simple to compile the list please give the following info:

Name of plant sale/ event.

Date of event.

Time of event, start and finish.

One paragraph description, if necessary, of what will be on offer.

Contact name and phone number or email address.




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