All for the love of a beautiful, clipped hedge


Every year, Daniel Truong and Nina Nguyen come to my garden to clip hedges. They do a wonderful job, shearing, clipping, trimming and shaping cedar and boxwood hedges, leaving them with super-straight lines,  razor-sharp corners and wonderfully flat and even sides and tops.

Nina Nguyen and Daniel Truong

Daniel and Nina pick up every last shred of clippings, so there is never a mess at the end of the day.

I’ve tried doing this task myself. The result has always been the same – ugly, misshapen hedges with wonky, wavy, uneven lines and a diabolical mess of scattered debris and uncollected trimmings.

Part of the reason for Daniel and Nina’s success is their equipment. They have excellent power-trimmers with long handles and long rows of shape, cutting teeth.

But equipment is only a small part of the story. Daniel and Nina also have great skill and patience and are experienced trimmers. They have been cutting my hedges for at least 10 years. It takes a good eye and a steady hand to shear a hedge perfectly. And this cheerful couple get it right every time.

They work harmoniously together, slicing and shaping and trimming with the precision of clockmakers and they also have the artistic sensibilities of a sculptor or portrait artist – they know intuitively what looks right.

Yes, I am clearly in awe of their skills. If you have ever done this work, you will know how difficult it can be to get it right.  Take a look at some of their work below and also see some of my other photos of beautifully trimmed hedges and sculptured shrubs.


Over the years, I’ve seen many beautifully trimmed hedges and sculptured shrubs. Here’s a look at some of the best shots, most of which were taken in European gardens.












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