Amazing art of stone balancing but is it garden sculpture?


    Not sure what this has to do with gardening, except that I saw this demonstration at the Chelsea Flower Show in May and was quite amazed.

    Here you see artist Adrian Grey balancing a very large, heavy stone at an impossibly acute angle on another large boulder.

    Adrian Grey balancing a boulder at Chelsea.

    At first, I thought he was just pretending to be a living sculpture, holding a stone in place.

    He stayed in this position for several minutes and then, quite suddenly, stepped away . . .  and voila, the stone stayed in place, perfectly balanced on this crazy angle.

    His display at Chelsea included the world’s largest stone balancing sculpture – an 11-tonne, 17 ft-tall combination of two granite boulders from Bodmin Moor.

    It was just one of the wonders at this year’s Chelsea show, which is always full of surprises.


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