Hedges damaged by heavy snows get the chop

Cedar hedge cut down after being badly buckled by heavy snow.

We knew this would be the outcome. The heavy snow of winter crushed many plants, especially hedges throughout Metro Vancouver. We could see the damage right away. The snow came so fast overnight and was so wet and heavy by morning that there was little gardeners could do to save their treasured plants.

Cedar hedge cut down after suffering winter damage.

Now, in spring, we see the results. Hedges that were badly buckled and toppled have had to be cut down. There is a lot of this going on throughout the region as homeowners get their yards and gardens back in shape for spring.

When heavy snow falls, the recommended response is for gardeners to take a broom or long stick and try to knock off as much of the snow as possible because it can do damage. This, of course, can be a risky business. Snow can fall and hit you as you are trying to hit it. But it is still worth doing, if it means you avoid this kind of clean up in the spring.


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